Thursday, 28 Sep, 2023



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Magnum Opus® has invented a device called the Silent ObserverTMand upgraded version now called as Active TrackerTM, which is externally connected to Sonography machine and captures videos images of on machine monitor continuously.

Active TrackerTM is coupled to USG machine through external cables which are temper proof. It receives and captures all the video signals from the USG machine and no interference with USG machine keeping the “insurance” of the USG machine intact. As this is single way interactive mechanism, no inputs are given to USG machine. As we believe in giving top priority to security of the patient’s data, Magnum Opus has followed industry proven practices in product engineering to make Active TrackerTM temper proof.

Active TrackerTM is compact devices which gives liberty to user for better space management at clinic. This is compatible with all the USG machine available in the market.

Save The Baby Girl, Silent Observer & Active Tracker is a system and method using information technology to curb the female feticide and effectively implementation of the PCPNDT Act. One of our successful invention that has proved that “Technology Can be Used to Save the Life of the Girls!” The solution resolves the problem of Under Reporting & False reporting and provides the intellectual system to the authorities to track, monitor & generate the vital evidence and also assist the Genetic Centers the relief from the breaching of the rules of the Act...

The Impact

Hon. Rajasthan High Court “Let the order No.State PCPNDT Cell/2012/ 648 dated 22.5.2012 with respect to active trackers be complied with within a period of four months by all the registered sonography centers, failing which, appropriate steps shall be taken for cancellation of their registration in accordance with the Act of 1994 and the Rules of 1996 framed thereunder”.